A custom made program that ensures effective "machine learning"

Not for answering

"Machine learning" is not for "answering"

Why Machine


When a problem arises, a "person" searches for the reason and cause, and even presumes the solution. Most marketers potentially want those reasons, causes, and solutions to be correct, and tend to introduce "machine learning" as if they are getting the machines to verify the same.

Even when the "machine learning" is introduced, the expected results do not appear.....

That is; it may be utilizing "machine learning" that was brought in by the company’s hypothesis.
"Machine learning" exists to find and solve problems that businesses or companies want to solve, which cannot be predicted by humans.

Let "machines", not "people" predict everything. That is BrewWorld's "machine learning."

Custom made

Customize the program to suit your challenges

Service features

The required program varies depending on the company, business model, and the type of original data. By just appling an exisiting AI product, it is difficult to say that it will lead to a problem-solving that you were expecting.

At BrewWorld, a program for each client will be customized.

Database organization / integration

Databases dispersed for each business cannot be expected to produce effective results unless they are organized and integrated to perform "machine learning". However, there are many cases where organization and integration are not properly carried out. Our company has abundant experience in large-scale, mission-critical developments and operational services that sustain Japanese society. We will support you from organizing and integrating databases, which will lead to a more effective "machine learning".

Choosing the best algorithm

The latest algorithms are not necessarliy always the ideal ones. Brew World also reviews previous researches and selects the best algorithm using  our vast experience and knowledge, including good old algorithms that have seeked good results.

Research and results with actual data

At BrewWorld, we have experience in research and results based on actual customer data, not open data. Building a program based on actual data results in a more accurate "machine learning".

Cyber Security

"Advanced cyber Security technology"



In regard to privacy data protection, our company has track record of seminars at the British Embassy and can provide advanced and professional advices. In addition, we provide effective consulting service on new data acquisition, such as the introduction of the market size expanding O2O(Online to Offline), which is expanding the market size.

Our company has an advanced cyber Security technology that allows us to reassuring protect our customers' raw data necessary for problem solving.We also undertake the design of policies for masking data and analysis of the data in its masked state.

Case study

"Who" "Why" "When" "How much". Implementation of detailed signs of cancellation

Example:WOWOW Inc.


At WOWOW, an excellent customer support center is functioning. We thoroughly grasped the data we received from customers and made full use of various cancellation deterrent measures. However, there were challenges such as measures that could not be fully utilized due to the huge amount of data, or that were tend to be influenced by internal hypothesis.
Especially, it was a very difficult point to predict "the probability of cancelation when the contract will be canceled".

BrewWorld used "machine learning" to further improve the accuracy of cancellation signs, and designed through all the measures for communication with consumers. This has enhanced effects to further prevent potential cancellations.

Our company supports a wide range of efficient problem solving areas such as cancellation signs, marketing measures, demand forecasting, market forecasting, predictive maintenance, and abnormal transaction detection.

Introduction flow

Introduction flow of digital marketing

Digital marketing is implemented in the following five steps.

Major business partners

WOWOW / ADK: Signs of cancellation model through ML (Google Cloud day)

MNO: Unauthorized access detection project during encrypted communication (Topology analysis)

EC company: Increased sales by taking measures against fraudulent card payments through ML

Cosmetics company: Increased sales through ML, signs of cancellation

Cosmetics company: Increased sales through ML, o2o data visualization

Cosmetics company: Cross-selling / up-selling through ML

Shipping industry: ML for communication analysis/analysis task efficiency, automatic classification

Consulting firm: Data analysis/Machine learning programming

A Major manufacture: Machine learning / statistical analysis programming

Bio manufacture: Optimization of cultivation through ML

and Various operation automation support


Invitation system

BrewWorld's "machine learning" is a complete invitation system.
We look forward to hearing from your referrals

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